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Counterfeit Alert! Please don't buy Noristudio pins from

Dear friends, I just found out some WISH sellers have been selling counterfeit versions of my pins and stealing my product images without my permission. I have already submitted my DMCA take down notice to @wish and hopefully it will be taken care of soon. I will keep you guys updated. All of my official online venues are listed on my linktree page . Our official stock lists always give Noristudio proper credit mention and price our items fairly. Please don’t buy my pins (or other artists’ pins) from suspicious venues ( ridiculously low price, no back stamps, no branded backing cards). Please support original art and design ❤️! Thank you! Special thanks to those of you who took your time to text me the counterfeit listings! You guys are truly the best! #copyrightinfringement #copyright #originalart #pingame #pingamestrong #pincollecting #supportoriginal #supportsmallbusiness #fightfake #pinspinspins #pindesign #guineapigpin