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Pet(s) & Owner (s) Commissions
Pet(s) & Owner (s) Commissions

Pet(s) & Owner (s) Commissions

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Please read before ordering!  

Commissions are open occasionally on a first-come-first-served basis. This is the only way to order a custom drawing from me right now.

This listing is the deposit to reserve your commission slot. It includes the price for a custom drawing of "1 pet owner + 1 pet".

Optional add-ons: 

$50/one extra pet owner. 

$15/one extra pet. 

How to order: 

1. put this item in your cart.

2. Let me know how many pet owners and how many pets you would like in your custom drawing using the "Free gift message" box. Purchase this item. 

3. An invoice for the add-ons will be emailed to you within 24 hours. Pay the invoice. (Skip this step if you are ordering a drawing of 1 pet owner + 1 pet ).

4 Email the following informations: 

  - Type(s) of pet(s).  

  - photos of the pet owner(s) and the pet(s). 

  - outfit(s) of the pet owner(s) 

  - preffered backgroud color.

  - anything you would like in the custom drawing. 

What you will receive: 

  - high resolution print files with your requested background color. 

  - a clear background png file for you to order custom stickers, mugs, shirts and etc. 

  (Sample drawings were tilt shift blurred to avoid art thefts. Your custom drawing will be printed crisp and clear.)

Processing time: 1 month. 

Digital delivery via email. No physial items will be shipped. 

Personal use only. Commercial usages are strongly forbidden. For business inquiries , email