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capybara and seal lapel pin by Noristudio
Moonch the capybara lapel pin by Noristudio
Bubu and Moonch Capybara with seal lapel pin by Noristudio
noristudio enamel pin

Seconds Sale Moonch the Capybara with Baby Seal Enamel Pin, Copper Plated Gray Seal

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Seconds Sale. These second pins are with minor imperfections such as tiny scratches, uneven enamel filling and etc. All pins arrive with a backing card. They are still super adorable, wearable and would make great gifts for any animal lover or small treats for yourself.

This Moonch the Capybara with Baby Seal pin is illustrated and designed by me and made by my production partner. It makes the perfect gift for any capybara lover or seal lover! It arrives with one black rubber pin back. The cute capybara enamel pin will look beautiful on totes , backpacks, caps and beanies. 

Plating and material:  copper plated brass
Size: 1 inche (25mm) high